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Dear Friend,

In 2017, Brazilian businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle visited the holiday resort of Punta Del Este in Uruguay...

Walking down the street one evening, he and his friends decided to visit a casino. Once they were inside, his friends started goading Pedro into playing roulette

Pedro decided to call their bluff!

Looking at the roulette table, the number 32 caught his eye...

Pedro placed a huge $35,000 bet – yes thirty five thousand dollars - on number 32. His friends told him he was crazy and they were only fooling around; he didn’t have to play. 

But Pedro told them he had a “good feeling” about number 32...

Guess what?

Once the roulette ball had settled, it landed on number 32!

The noise from his friends almost brought the roof down! The casino owners were in disbelief, Pedro had been a very lucky man

He went home with $1.2 million! Amazing! 

Surprisingly enough, after talking to investors daily, I discovered one of the factors they use when picking stocks is having a “good feeling” about it, a bit like Pedro... But the problem with a “good feeling” is that: it depends on LUCK…

 …Rather than simple, cold analysis of a company/stock

If you’ve ever done any stock market investing you’ll know how challenging it can be. There’s so many companies to research. There’s hundreds of sectors to look at. It really can be like playing stock market roulette. 

Perhaps that’s why so many investors use a broker. However, too many investors are getting ripped-off by greedy brokers who value commissions, rather than value the performance of the client’s portfolio.

In fact, recently I heard how one investor’s portfolio was a total mis-match to their needs. Over 20% of their portfolio was in the wrong type of stocks that made the broker rich on commissions. Shocking!? Not to me. I hear this everyday...

That’s why, after hearing so many stock investing horror stories I decided to do something about this ugly situation.

I wanted to teach more everyday people how to pick winning stocks, more often. Whether they’re an experienced investor or a total beginner, I knew I could help… 

This way they have the money to ensure a financially secure retirement…

Retire early and quit a job they hate…

Give them an extra income stream…

Travel the world knowing they have a secure income…

Hi it’s Neil McCoy-Ward. If you’re seeing this page then chances are you’re one of my 375,000+ YouTube subscribers. Or you’re a member of my private Patreon community, or you're part of a larger investment firm wanting this training for your employees to get better results...

Anyway, I’ve been making economic videos for the past couple of years. And I’ve been both forecasting and warning my subscribers about events that will happen. 

For instance;

- In March 2020 I said the price of silver would shoot up because of the silver mines closing. Within six months the price had gone from $13 to $28. More than double! Even the silver industry analysts were shocked.

- In May 2020 I said that we’ll see massive inflation in 18-24 months’ time because of the money printing (QE program). I was called “crazy” ‘nuts” and yet, 24 months later, inflation touched double digits. We’re now seeing high inflation on a global basis. We even saw a 40 year high in the UK!

- In June 2020 I said the US and the UK will go into recession in 2022. In the first six months of 2022, the US had TWO successive quarters of negative growth. In fact the US tried to disguise this fact be re-defining their definition of a recession! The UK also went into recession but the Government added money printing to GDP to keep the stats positive! Unheard of! A complete scandal.

- And the UK now? The UK Government is now warning of the WORST recession in 100 years.

However, one thing I haven’t been able to give an accurate date on is the housing market correction. My 2021 forecast was that when we see mortgage interest rates hit 6%, houses will fall in value. We’re now seeing global property prices starting to dip from Canada, to New Zealand and some US states.

So HOW am I able to make these successful economic forecasts and predictions when others can't? 

It’s simple.

I’m a meticulous researcher. I analyse and study facts and figures to the extreme degree. 

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos then you may have seen my bookcase. The shelves literally groan under the weight of books. Books on economics, history and politics - some antique at over 300 years old.

Every day I spend a couple of hours reading and researching these valuable books.

Because of this in-depth study, I’ve been able to predict very accurately how the global economy is going to act. This is because history repeats itself. 

And because of the economic and entrepreneurial experience I’ve gained, it’s given me freedom to travel and work when I feel like it.

But my life wasn’t always like this.

I come from a lower income family. My Mother was a stay-at-home housewife. My dad worked as a pattern maker. We lived in a poor neighborhood in the City of Coventry, England - surrounded by gangs.

Growing up, there was never a lot of surplus money in the house. But like most families back then, we always ‘got by’…

After leaving school, I joined the Army because I loved the physical and mental challenge. Not to mention because I left school without qualifications.

By aged 21, I’d become a Lance Corporal in the Army earning £17,000 per year - which to me was a fortune! 

I loved my time in the Army. However, I was starting to realize I was never going to get ahead financially if I kept doing what I was doing. I realized I needed to do something different.

So after doing some research into various ways to make money I decided I was going to go into property/real estate investing. I bought a fixer upper. A house to refurb and sell...

I bought a terraced house (row house) for £85,000 with a 95% mortgage. I spent £10,000 on the refurbishment and it re-valued at £115,000. I’d made £20,000 profit in the space of a few months. It was more than my annual income from the Army!

That was a lightbulb moment for me. Over the next couple of years I bought 6 more properties to refurb. Life was great. And then…

The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 hit. Bank loans dried up. I couldn’t borrow the money I needed to buy properties. My business was stuck. It was then I knew I had to do something else. At this time I was still serving in the Army...

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I’d become interested in investing in stocks.

As with anything I do, I researched it meticulously. I went onto Amazon and ordered 10 books on stock market investing. Books by Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and a few other well-known investors. I absorbed their critical knowledge like a dried out sponge soaking up water. Then I started to invest in a small way...

But my early investing career wasn’t all plain selling.

My early investing mistake...

One mistake I made was chasing after stocks which the media said were going to go up like a rocket. I got excited over the thought of my potential results. 

So I jumped in and waited. A few months later, the stocks crashed in value. My mistakes cost me around £4,000. I felt foolish and embarrassed by my mistakes and I swore this would never happen to me again!

As a result, I sat down and analyzed everything. I realized I’d missed out a vital factor and that was - what was going on in the world...

What evolved is my own unique simple stock picking system

So what’s in my system that makes it so reliable and accurate?

The three factors that influence stock prices...

In my videos, I talk about macro-economics, financial economics and the geo-political situation. That’s because these three factors influence a country’s economy. As a result they also influence stock prices...

For instance, say a country is war mongering and the politicians are talking about war in a positive way...

The media then start reporting on the situations of the countries involved. This will have a knock on effect. The price of stocks in certain defense/armament companies will shoot up.

Another example is any talk of recession by the media. News of a recession hits consumer spending. As a result, people are more particular on what they spend their money on. They’ll spend on their needs more than their wants. 

So people are less likely to dine out. They’ll take fewer holidays. They’ll keep their car for an extra few years.

This means companies operating in industries which thrive when consumer confidence is high will take a hit during harder times, or they may even go out of business. Consumer Cyclical stocks are a good example of stocks to avoid in a recession... even though many brokers still buy them for your portfolio and lose money on them...

Fortunately when you’re aware of the macro situation then you’re able to pick value stocks which are long-lasting. Stocks which do NOT crash 12 months later

But let me reveal one of the secrets I use when researching stocks…

The “transfer secret” that turns around an under-performing company. Look out for this news...

In the early 1980’s British Airways were losing money - £140 million/year...

So, British Airways appointed a new chairperson, John King. He had a successful track record of making businesses profitable. Upon taking his new role he decided to restructure the entire business. 

His plan saw him axe 22,000 jobs - including half of the Board - replace older planes with modern jets and he axed the unprofitable routes. 

The result? By 1989, the airline was making a pre-tax profit of £268m.

Through strong leadership John King managed to turn BA into a profitable business.  

Having strong leadership in a company is crucial when investing, and it’s right at the top of my list when picking stocks to invest in...

So here’s something you might want to look for:

Let's say that your stock analysis shows a company is under-performing, yet you hear that a new CEO is coming in… 

This person has an excellent track record of turning around under-performing companies. Therefore, there’s a high probability that the new CEO will turn around the financial performance of their new company.

This means the stock price is very likely to rise in the near future. So knowing there’s going to be a management team change, this might be an early buy signal for you. 

But when it comes down to picking stocks, there are several factors you need to consider. Factors such as;

- Pick stocks like a billionaire. Ordinary investors, on limited budgets, are successfully copying this. No need to be an investing genius

- How a simple $100 investing tweak can increase your retirement pot by a whopping $210,000. And even DOUBLE again. Amazing!

- The great 'Stop Loss' hoax. They keep your investment safe, right? Not always. Here’s when they cost you money 

- The market meltdown survival secret. Other investors see 30-40% losses. You use this “sailing secret” to safeguard your stocks

- The sell-off that’s a false flag of a company’s performance. This “Honest mistake” sends you a buy signal

- The only time you should use a high risk/high return strategy - and still play it safe

- Pick 'under-the-radar' winners with the “Tesla secret”. Early tell-tale sign to look out for

- The most important investment you’ll ever make: not a stock, bond or fund. This legendary investor swears by it

- A clever way to spot a recession before other investors. You escape with a profitable portfolio. While others take a huge hit...

- The investing nightmare that forced portfolio owners to wait 23 years – yes 23 years - to break even. Shocking! Don’t be caught out by this repeating pattern...

Warning: When you should never ever buy bonds...

- Returns of 8,862%? Yes absolutely. Not crypto. However, you have to use this unusual strategy...

- Investor’s worst enemy? Not an under-performing stock, market crash, dishonest broker or rip-off fees. This silent enemy is poised to wipe out unwary investors

- The Great Depression was a one-off, right? Perhaps not. Keep an eye on this trade indicator. It plummeted 65% in the 1930’s...

- Ripped-off with expensive fees? Under-performing portfolio? Dud stock picks? In-depth analysis of an individual stock. Copy this to spot more winners while playing it safe

- And much, MUCH more...

However let’s consider one of the main mistakes I see both experienced and new investors making, and it concerns dividend investing

The problem with dividend investing

It’s all too easy to get seduced into investing in a stock promising a high dividend payment

We see the rewards being promised and we mentally start spending the dividend. That luxury family holiday to white sandy beaches… Skiing in Colorado… a down payment for a condo… The new luxury car… Paying for a child’s university education… Or donating to worthy causes...

That’s all well and good, but choosing stocks just on a high dividend is a terrible idea! 

Here’s why...

Sometimes a company will offer a higher dividend than their competitors. When a company does this, it’s to attract more investment. Perhaps they’re doing this because they have a liquidity problem. Perhaps they have a cash flow problem. Perhaps their sales are falling

When a company offers a higher dividend, it might be OK for the short-term; but long-term this strategy is not successful.

That’s because the company is paying out more capital from its profits, whereas this capital could have been used more wisely. Such as stock buy backs. This would make their existing stocks more valuable...

Another thing the company could have used the capital for is Research and Development (R&D). This would help a company to stay at the forefront of their industry and maintain or grow their market share by introducing new products

When a company doesn’t invest enough into research and development they could face challenges. They risk stagnating and being overtaken by their rivals 

Of course, it depends on the industry - think of a boring product such as steel bolts, there’s always going to be a demand for steel bolts! The technology doesn’t change.

But if a company is in the fast-moving tech and pharmaceutical industries, it needs to be constantly innovating and bringing new products to market. That’s why they need a healthy R&D budget (Research & Development). If too much money is being paid out as a dividend, not enough money will go into R&D.

This is a BIG problem and the investor won't even realise until it's too late....

Something else the dividend payment could have been used for is marketing and sales. This would help fuel a company’s growth so it maintains and increases market share

Yet another thing the dividend money could have been spent on is refurbing existing factories. This way production is stable and there are fewer breakdowns. This keeps the product quality high and the workforce remains motivated. 

So as you can see, paying out a high dividend is not always the best indicator of a wining stock. It can be a short-term lure.

That’s why you need to consider all the metrics that reveals a company’s true position - not just if a high dividend is being paid out...

This way you help to eliminate any guesswork or gambling with your choices of stock.

So what other factors should an investor consider when choosing dividend stocks?

A unique training...

I don’t have room here to go into detail on all the factors I consider around dividend investing. There’s just not enough room in this short letter to you...

That’s why I’ve devoted a whole chapter on this topic in my new investing course The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course

It’s my training on how to choose winning stocks whether you’re an experienced or new investor. It’s taken me 18 months to produce this training. I’ve poured everything into it and condensed it down to make it easy to understand...

Here’s what just a few of my private community members have to say about it;

“…Gives me the confidence to invest company funds…”

“The best money I’ve ever spent. I'm not even half way through the course and I’ve learned more than I ever could have imagined. Really giving me confidence to invest our company funds. All the “experts” that have done nothing but confuse me around investing for years - now I understand their fees and what they were trying to sell me.” Jane M. 

   “…One word….Fantastic…”

“I finally finished the course. It's fantastic.” 
Caffeinated engineer. 

“…So much better than other courses I’ve done…”

“Neil's stock course is great. I did a previous course with FT Academy but Neil's course is sooooo much better!” Cessi K.

“…purchased for the entire trading floor…”

“One of my junior analysts took the course and started pulling rabbits out the hat, after that I bought this training for our entire floor”

- Investment Trust (removed for privacy).

...In fact, I showed this training to two long term mentoring clients. They’re both experienced London City & Wall Street analysts. One for Goldman Sachs, the other for JP Morgan. They both agree it’s an in-depth A -Z of how to pick value stocks...

Here’s what Dwayne had to say:

“…Reaches deep into macro economics …”

“Very comprehensive course that goes far wider than simply trading stocks but gives a wider understanding and foundation on macro economics. If you’re new, this is a great course. If you’re experienced there’s certainly golden nuggets to takeaway.”

Dwayne Squires, former investment banker

When you use this training you can make more profitable investing decisions. You safeguard your money. You keep any losses to the minimum. You sleep soundly at night. You have a financially secure retirement...

One thing I do have to stress is this: This is NOT a stock trading course. This is investing for the long-term. Buying stocks that will pay out, year on year. So they pay for your expenses. Give you extra income and support your lifestyle.

“…Veteran investor of 23 years is shocked…”

“After 23 years in the industry, I didn't think I'd learn anything new. But I was shocked at how much I discovered about how markets work on a macro level and how to invest based on this new future. Neil’s videos where he shows how he analyses stocks, sectors & companies are excellent.” Colin M, Surrey, UK

“… Neil just saved me a 7% hit…”

“Neil suggested I sell this type of stock, so I did. Two days later, this brand name stock plummeted 7% in value. I’ve now my fired my broker who was being paid 3-4% in fees.” Dr Kenneth D (Retd), UK

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this new training;

- The “holy trio” of economic prophets. Forget the financial news or media. These give you an accurate (and true) picture of the economy

- What percentage of your portfolio should be in Stocks and Bonds? Check out this ’95 year’ research piece and discover which performs best

- When potential gains in your ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) - are wiped out before you get started. Shocking! 

- Invested in a Mutual Fund? Hidden sneaky fees to be aware of!

- Three clever (and smart) ways to grow your Index Fund faster. Not one in a thousand investors does this...

- Warning. The danger of “celebrity investor” funds. One such popular fund is 80% down as I write to you...

A-Z of essential investor terminology you must know before investing. Makes you a savvy investor.

- When you lose money… it’s probably this type of incorrect stock/share your holding

- Critical mistake banks made in the 1929 market crash; are they repeating the same today?

- A financially secure retirement… only faster with the “Rain Method” strategy

- Profit from real estate - without owning or buying it. The secret is this weird (but safe) investment. 

- Waiting for a stock to dip before buying it? Use the “US City Tool” and you’ll fill your bags because of it

Risk adverse? Magic words to ask before investing (this keeps your capital safe)

- Get a detailed financial picture of an individual company with these three simple tests. Takes just seconds

- Two types of stock analysis. One of them is technical. Discover the other in chapter 10.4

- Analyze a specific investment fund like a pro. This live 8 minute video tells you what to look for in a fund, and what to avoid…

- Energy stocks are great performing stocks, right? Energy Company that’s lost 93% of its value in the last 3 years. Stay clear

- Stock screeners: What they are, how to use them as well as the best ones to use & special features to look out for

- And much, MUCH more...

Now let me reveal another stock investing nugget…

If you’re worried about bank bail-ins this could be for you!

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my YouTube and Patreon members all the time is this:

“Neil, I have a large amount of capital lying around in my bank account, and I’m scared…” 

“I'm worried about bank bail-ins and seeing my life savings wiped out” 

So what is a worried investor to do?

They want to safeguard their capital and protect it from being seized by their bank. But to also keep it liquid for when quality stocks and property are bargain buys...

Well, here’s a solution that might be of interest to you

But first, this is NOT financial advice. You need to do your own due diligence and research and make your own decision. Nobody else can make it for you. Only you know deep down if this is for you. I can’t stress this enough.

So what am I talking about?

How to keep your cash safe with $1 million of insurance for FREE

Well, as you may know, there are online investing platforms known as Robo-Advisors. A Robo-advisor is a digital financial advisor. It automatically builds and manages your portfolio based on your investment preferences...

One such Robo-Advisor is Wealthfront. There are other around too and it’s a good idea to research these as well.

Anyway, for this example I’ll use Wealthfront. Here’s the important news; with a Wealthfront Cash Account they offer up to $1 million FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance

If you can keep your funds in a cash account on an online platform such as Wealthfront…

…Your money is protected by FDIC insurance.

This is huge if you’re worried about bank bail-ins and your cash being seized. This could be just what you’re looking for... 

Again, I do not have any affiliation with Wealthfront. I’m not paid to promote them. I’m just making you aware of their existence...

Then there’s SIPC (Securities Investors Protection Corporation). This protects against the loss of your cash AND securities. This includes stocks at a financially troubled SPIC member brokerage firm

So if you’re worried about bank bail-ins, it might be a good idea to look up a brokerage firm that has FDIC membership, also check to see if it has SIPC membership

The limit for SIPC protection is $500,000, which includes $250,000 cash

There is no requirement for a person to be a citizen or reside in the USA. So a non-US citizen with an account at a brokerage is treated the same as a US citizen with an account at a SIPC brokerage

However this does not protect you against worthless stocks. Nor does it protect against the decline in value of your stocks

Now you have a clever way to protect your cash, rather than leaving it vulnerable in the bank. You’ve got up to $1 million protection. And this protection is FREE!

If you take advantage of this protection you’ll sleep more soundly at night, have less worries and remove a huge weight off your mind

But there’s other investing nuggets you need to know about as well. Nuggets such as…

- Sophisticated investor? This platform is a must for you. But only IF you pass this unusual test...

- The major investor platforms. Which ones to use. What to look out for. How to beware of the small print

- How your broker charges you twice. Legally!

- How a company hides poor financial figures, sneaky and legal trick being used. Suspicious figures to look out for

- Risky type of stocks to hold in a downturn. Is your portfolio about to be wiped out?

- Where Warren Buffet has $100 million “invested” right now. Should you be doing the same?

How to know if a company met its forecast and actual earnings at a glance. Amazing!

- What to do if you think the marker is over-valued. Copy what legendary investors Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio and Charlie Munger do

- Advanced stock analysis done for you. And it’s FREE. Best kept secret in the investing industry.

- Early warning signs of an over-heated market. Check for this unusual metric...

- Can you go from beginner to expert analyst in 6 months? Yes absolutely. The secret is doing this daily 5 minute exercise

- And much, MUCH more...

The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to pick great value stocks as well as the stocks to avoid like the plague. This way you minimize risk and maximize your profits. As a result, you’re able to meet your financial goals...

Perhaps retiring earlier… Treating your family to a luxury holiday… buying that top of the range car you’ve always wanted… 

How about taking 3 months off every year to travel the world, make a down payment for a child, or donate your time to worthy causes...

The choice is yours. All because you have the financial resources which allow you to make these choices

If you don’t take a risk-free trial of this stock training you’re always going to be dependent on your broker’s advice. Meaning, you’re always going to be at the mercy of your broker. Being forced to pay their inflated fees, year after year, and these fees will soon exceed the low price of this training!

And something else to consider is the fact that once you’ve got this exclusive knowledge, you’ll be seen as an expert investor by family and friends. You’ll be the one being asked about investing at family get togethers, dinner parties and BBQ’s...

Think you don’t need this stock training because the markets are over-valued and going to crash? And you don’t want to have any money invested in stocks right now? Well, consider this…

Now is the best time to get this training, NOT later...

That’s because if the market happened to crash 20% or even 30%... and there’s “blood in the streets” - that’s the time you’ll want to buy stocks.

You’ll need this vital knowledge to spot which companies are good value and will flourish in future years...

You’ll be kicking yourself with regret if you don’t have this knowledge already inside your head!

This low point of the market will be the time to “be greedy when others are fearful,” as Warren Buffet famously says

Give me just 20 minutes daily, and I’ll give you everything you need to pick profitable stocks for the rest of your life!

Your life is so busy you don’t have enough hours to take this short training? Look, this training is short and straight to the point. It’s been condensed down. There’s no fluff and zero filler...

In fact, it’s just over 15 hours in total. You can view everything from your favorite chair, sun lounger, or while lying in bed...

And besides, 15 hours is nothing compared to the return you’re going to get from picking winning stocks. Just 20 minutes per day and you’ll have the course finished in no time. Some people have even watched the course 2 or 3 times, they say it’s that good...

Many even dip in and out of the different sections when they feel like… 

But perhaps you feel you don’t have enough money set aside to start investing? If this is the case: start small. Invest $30… $50… $100 every month. And when you look back in 12 months you’ll see how much progress you’ve made. But the main thing is to get started.

Don’t look at your financial situation in 10… 20… 30 years from now with regret that you didn’t start your investing journey sooner...

So who is The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course for?


…If you’re new to stock market investing and want to know how to pick profitable stocks….

…If you’re an experienced investor looking for an edge in picking stocks…

…If you own a few stocks and want to get better at picking stocks…

…If you know your 401K isn’t going to be large enough to provide you with a financially secure retirement… 

…If you want to take advantage of any stock market crash and know which value stocks to buy at a discount…

…If you know your pension isn’t going to be big enough and you want to know how to invest your money better (or even invest for yourself)…

…If you want to live off the dividends from your stocks, you need to own stocks that will support you….

…If you’re fed up with paying inflated broker fees and being ripped off by investment companies…

…If you think your broker’s picks are under-performing…

Then this The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course is for you!

Take a 30 day risk-free trial…

Take a risk-free trial for the next 30 days of The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course. It’ll take you by the hand and show you how to pick value stocks. Watch the in-depth videos full of details...

Do some of the research using the free tools. Start looking at some companies for yourself...

If you’re not absolutely delighted with this course after 30 days of using it, then contact me for a full unconditional refund of all your money. I can’t be any fairer than that. We’ll still remain friends. 

In short, you’d be getting to view this course for… FREE...

A low, low price...

When I was working on this course, I originally thought I would charge $2,000 for it. It would be a bargain at that price. Because that’s what my friend Simon said he paid for the stock market course that he took...

It’s taken me 18 months to produce this course. I wrote out everything I would want to know if I was starting from scratch, and I compiled it into this course

The result is a stock course that I’m proud of. And I’m pretty confident that this course sits alongside – or even higher – than any other investing course out there - and my students agree…

However, after thinking about the cost, I decided to settle for a price of $1,200, this way more people would be able to afford it…

But then I stopped and thought about it more and said to myself: “What about people who aren’t rich, and who can’t afford $1,200, even on a payment plan?”

I asked my wife Kristin, and she said: “What if you were just starting your investing journey? If money was tight and you wanted this knowledge? I know most of your clients are very wealthy, but most of your YouTube subscribers aren't”

So after some hard thinking I decided to set the price at an introductory low price for a limited time - just for my YouTube subscribers. At this discounted price, the course is an absolute steal!

However, at some point in the future I’ll be raising the price back to reflect its true value

So save yourself money. Take action right now.

Imagine having the financial freedom to live as you choose...

What to do Next:

Take your risk-free trial today. Click on the Button at the bottom of this page and you’ll be taken to a secure reservation page. Do it right now. You’ll be glad you did.

Today you have a choice

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It would be a shame if you don’t take a risk free trial and reap the benefits of this in-depth knowledge. The thing is, other investors no smarter than you are going to prosper from these investing secrets. It would be a shame if you passed on this on this opportunity

Anyway, I'll leave the final choice up to you

Only you know if you’re happy with your current financial knowledge right now. Only you know if your investments will give you a secure retirement. Only you know if your investments will pay for you and your family’s lifestyle far into the future...

The Ultimate Macro and Stock Market Course gives you everything you need to become successful in picking profitable stocks. All that’s left for you to do is take action

Whatever you choose, I wish you all the best in the world my friend...


Neil McCoy-Ward

PS. Remember you’re NOT risking a single penny of your money with my 30 day money back guarantee

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  Chapter 14 - When & How To EASILY Buy/Sell Stocks Yourself Without A Broker
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Course Cover Trading Strategies?

The course does NOT cover trading, and will not teach you how to become a day trader. This course is focused on teaching you how to become a long term value investor, to build wealth slowly, over the long term by identifying excellent undervalued stocks & assets easily

Should I wait to buy until after the Stock Market Crashes?

Absolutely NOT! By then you could be too late to get the best deals at low prices. The best time to prepare for something is BEFORE it occurs!

When Does The Course Start & Finish?

The course starts now and never ends! You decide when you start and when you finish. New content will even be posted as and when needed to keep the course always up to date for your ultimate success

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own

This course will have new lessons added as and when the economy or market changes. This is to ensure that you don't just watch this course once, but can come back to it time and time again throughout your life...

Who Is This Course For?

Absolute beginners, Intermediate investors and those who would like to see how I do my analysis and find my undervalued stocks

What If The Course Just Isn't For Me?

I would never want you to be unhappy with your investment. So if you're not totally satisfied with your purchase, please contact me as soon as you know the course isn't for you. I will resolve any issues as quickly as possible with you, but if it's clear the course isn't right for your circumstances, I will give you a full refund

Is This Just For The USA & UK/EU?

Absolutely NOT! These principles are universal and can apply to all capitalism based economies. I will demonstrate how to find all the information you need to buy stocks and funds in your Country

Can I ask Neil A Question?

Unlike many financial experts, Neil is a very down to earth and grounded guy & loves talking with his students & community members. This is because he didn't grow up rich, and had to figure this all out for himself...

Because he understands how difficult this process is, Neil takes questions via his private community on Patreon. Feel free to reach out to him there where he would be delighted to both connect with you & to answer any questions you may have...

Will I receive a Certificate Of Achievement?

Yes! You will. Your certificate will be unlocked at the completion of your course.

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  • Take 30 days to go through my training course & if you're not completely satisfied with what you’re learning...

  • Just send me an email within those 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund...

  • But why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the first 50% of my course at my own risk?

  • Because I know the knowledge in this program can change lives! It’s transformed my own; look at where I came from!

  • And if you take action, it can change your life too...

  • I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.
  • FINAL NOTE: You May Watch Up To 50% Of This Course Before Requesting A Refund...

  • If You Watch More Than 50% Of This Course -
    NO Refund Will Be Given.

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