Time Is Running Out!

SECURE What You Have Or Lose EVERYTHING...

If you're here, you know what's going on in the World right now...

You also know that you're up against a ticking time bomb with a very REAL countdown... Scary Huh?

Well it doesn't need to be for those of us who understand how this rigged system works & therefore, what comes next...

Master The Stock Market & Build SECURE Wealth

No matter who you are, or what your education level, anyone can use the principles in this course to build long term wealth in the stock market - (even if you only have a small amount to invest each month...)
And even if the market is on it's knees...
This strategy will still work for your long term SUCCESS!

A World Class Analyst & Forecaster;

Trusted By Over 420,000 Subscribers On YouTube...

Hi, I’m Neil McCoy-Ward & I’m determined to make people

better investors. My only question is, will you be next?

Note: Neil has personally mentored over: 40 celebrities, hundreds of CEOs & multi millionaires & even advised 2 hedge fund managers on the future of finance and investing...

Neil's research is used by financial analysts Globally

If I were reading this page, the first question I'd have is this: 'How accurate have Neil's forecasts been?'


- In March 2020 I said the price of silver would double because of 2 reasons: 1. The silver mines closing (due to lockdowns) and 2. The gold to silver ratio spiked up to 1 : 115... Within six months, the price of silver had gone from $13 to $28. More than double! Even the silver industry analysts were shocked & I was interviewed by experts to understand how I made the prediction

- In May 2020 I said we’ll see massive inflation in 18-24 months’ time because of the Central bank and Government money printing (QE program). I was called 'Crazy', ‘Nuts' & a 'Conspiracy Theorist' - but yet, 24 months later, inflation touched double digits. Between 2021-2023 we saw high inflation on a global basis. We even saw a record high in the UK!

- In June 2020 I said the US and the UK will go into recession in 2022. In the first six months of 2022, the US had TWO successive quarters of negative growth. In fact the US tried to disguise this fact by re-defining their definition of a recession! The UK also went into recession but the Government added money printing to GDP to keep the stats positive! Unheard of... A complete scandal

- In February 2022 I said the S&P500 would drop by around 20% this year; the final drop was 19.5%

- In November 2021, I warned of Russian troops building up on the Ukraine border and doing exercises in readiness for a 'border crossing'. By 2023, I said the West would send weapons. By 2024: Western military trainers, and by 2025 I expect to see a limited number of Western troops on the ground in Ukraine...

- In late 2020, I warned of an impending energy crisis about to hit the West (due to ESG mandates), but it would be blamed on 'War'

- In early 2020 I warned of a 'hostile takeover' coming to the West that would take place between 2020 through to 2030...

- And in early 2020 I made TWO (somewhat terrifying) forecasts that haven't yet come to pass:

1. By the end of this decade, we will see a global food and energy crisis so severe, that it will result in the loss of life of millions of people globally... (as a result of ESG policies)

2. Between the Year 2025 and 2030, We will see a 'cyber attack' on the World's financial systems (a reset if you prefer), potentially launching a new CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency & therefore, A NEW Monetary System

I think you get the idea...

So HOW am I able to make these successful economic forecasts and predictions when many Economists can't even get something as simple as inflation right? 

It’s simple. I’m a meticulous researcher...

Every day I read books on economics, history and politics. Because of the amount of reading I do, I’ve been able to predict very accurately how the global economy is going to act. This is because history repeats itself and so does the stock market...

But my early investing career wasn’t all plain sailing...

One mistake I made was chasing after stocks which the media said were going to go up like a rocket. I got excited over the thought of my potential results. 

So I jumped in and waited. A few months later, the stocks crashed in value. My mistakes cost me around £4,000. I felt foolish and embarrassed and I swore this would never happen to me again!

As a result, I sat down and analyzed everything. I realized I’d missed out a vital factor and that was - what was going on in the world...

What evolved was my own unique simple stock picking system


'2023 CB PIVOT'

Do you understand how the stock market & money really works?

Most people think they do, but 99.9% are incorrect...

They don't understand that Central banks don't even follow their own mandates these days; instead preferring to enrich their 'buddies', rather than protecting the people's savings & purchasing power...

As I said in 2020: 2022 would be a year of supply and energy shocks, followed by a lower, low in STOCKS and a higher, high in INFLATION - both TERRIBLE for the markets!

But if you understand that the people making these decisions are human, and like all humans, they take the path of least resistance, you know how to BEAT them at their own game

But I believe all of this will create a wonderful buying opportunity for us all - if you understand the principles outlined in this training program...

Before you think about purchasing the program, I want to give you some ideas of what you'll learn inside...

Let's say that your stock analysis shows a company is under-performing, yet you hear that a new CEO is coming in… 

This person has an excellent track record of turning around under-performing companies. Therefore, there’s a high probability that the new CEO will turn around the financial performance of their new company.

This means the stock price is very likely to rise in the near future. So knowing there’s going to be a management team change, this might be an early buy signal for you. 

But when it comes down to picking stocks, there are several factors you need to consider. Factors such as;

- Pick stocks like a billionaire. Ordinary investors, on limited budgets, are successfully copying this. No need to be an investing genius

- How a simple $100 investing tweak can increase your retirement pot by a whopping $210,000. And even DOUBLE again. Amazing!

- The great 'Stop Loss' hoax. They keep your investment safe, right? Not always. Here’s when they cost you money 

- The market meltdown survival secret. Other investors see 30-40% losses. You use this “sailing secret” to safeguard your stocks

- The sell-off that’s a false flag of a company’s performance. This “Honest mistake” sends you a buy signal

- The only time you should use a high risk/high return strategy - and still play it safe

- Pick 'under-the-radar' winners with the “Tesla secret”. Early tell-tale sign to look out for

- The most important investment you’ll ever make: not a stock, bond or fund. This legendary investor swears by it

- A clever way to spot a recession before other investors. You escape with a profitable portfolio. While others take a huge hit...

- The investing nightmare that forced portfolio owners to wait 23 years – yes 23 years - to break even. Shocking! Don’t be caught out by this repeating pattern...


Through my work as a mentor to some of the World's 'Rich and Famous' - I noticed a very bizarre & unusual pattern...

Most successful people don't take ANY RESPONSIBILITY for their own Wealth (AUM - Assets Under Management), they simply trust that their Financial Advisor or Broker is there to 'help them' - but this couldn't be further from the truth!

If you are not paying a fee, then YOU ARE THE FEE!

Let me show you how to stop being 'their' CASH COW and manage your finances much better than any broker will ever do for you!


You don't need me to tell you this, you and I both already know this statement to be true...

They don't want you to be wealthy or successful, or even worse, free...

Free to spend your time however you want to, free to choose your own path...

They want you slaving 9-5, nose to the grindstone, paying your taxes like a good little 'SERF'

While they pay themselves huge salaries, bonuses, and even do insider trading...

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi's investments beat Warren Buffett this year?! Pelosi, a politician that struggles to string a sentence together at the best of times, beat the World's smartest investor!


But I'll show you how to beat it

What's Inside The Program?

119 Full Length Video Training Sessions: Over 15 1/2 Hours!

Available for Immediate Online Streaming!
24/7 Lifetime Access Via Private Membership Site

Your 'World Class' Curriculum

  Chapter 1 - Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 2 - Setting Yourself Up For Investment Success!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 3 - Economic History & The Market Cycles
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 4 - MACRO Economics & Using Cycles for Forecasting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 5 - Understanding The Stock Market
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 6 - The Different Investment Categories
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 7 - Stock Market Terminology
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 8 - RISK! Understanding & Mitigating Risk
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 9 - How To Read a Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement & Income Statement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 10 - How To Use A Stocks Screener
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 11 - Analysing Individual Stocks & Companies
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 12 - The Warren Buffett VALUE Investing System
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 13 - Dividend Investing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 14 - When & How To EASILY Buy/Sell Stocks Yourself Without A Broker
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Resources Document
Available in days
days after you enroll

Unexpected BENEFITS
(From Students Feedback)

Here Are Just A few More Benefits People Said They Achieved From Taking The Course:
- Great knowledge of preservation of money & assets
- Helped remove the worry of losing money
- Help to know what to do with money in my bank account
- Helped to teach when to buy/sell based on Central bank policy
- Reduced stress of children's inheritance (through the knowledge of investing)
- No more restless nights & better sleep
- Feeling much happier now
- Excitement & preparedness about the opportunities soon to come!
- Feeling more relaxed about the terrifying current world affairs
- Greater clarity of how to stop money being stolen (through inflation)
- How to find excellent value stocks for the long term
- How to buy really good dividend stocks that pay every quarter
- A deep understanding of how the World of finance REALLY works
- Feeling confident knowing all this stuff that the public doesn't understand!
- I'll make enough money for all the things I want in life!

Value Added Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
Learn My UNIQUE Way To Find '
VALUE' Stocks

Bonus #2:
Learn The 'Warren Buffett System' Yourself!

Bonus #3:
How To Avoid Buying '
Money Losing' Stocks

Bonus #4:
Thousands In Brokerage Fees!

Alex Testimonial

Rob Testimonial

Richard Testimonial

James Testimonial

Here’s what just a few of my private community members have to say about it;

“…Gives me the confidence to invest company funds…”

“The best money I’ve ever spent. I'm not even half way through the course and I’ve learned more than I ever could have imagined. Really giving me confidence to invest our company funds. All the “experts” that have done nothing but confuse me around investing for years - now I understand their fees and what they were trying to sell me.” Jane M. 

   “…One word….Fantastic…”

“I finally finished the course. It's fantastic.” 
Caffeinated engineer. 

“…So much better than other courses I’ve done…”

“Neil's stock course is great. I did a previous course with FT Academy but Neil's course is sooooo much better!” Cessi K.

“…purchased for the entire trading floor…”

“One of my junior analysts took the course and started pulling rabbits out the hat, after that I bought this training for our entire floor”

- Investment Trust (removed for privacy).

...In fact, I showed this training to two long term mentoring clients. They’re both experienced London City & Wall Street analysts. One for Goldman Sachs, the other for JP Morgan. They both agree it’s an in-depth A -Z of how to pick value stocks...

Here’s what Dwayne had to say:

“…Reaches deep into macro economics …”

“Very comprehensive course that goes far wider than simply trading stocks but gives a wider understanding and foundation on macro economics. If you’re new, this is a great course. If you’re experienced there’s certainly golden nuggets to takeaway.”

Dwayne Squires, former investment banker

When you use this training you can make more profitable investing decisions. You safeguard your money. You keep any losses to the minimum. You sleep soundly at night. You have a financially secure retirement...

One thing I do have to stress is this: This is NOT a stock trading course. This is investing for the long-term. Buying stocks that will pay out, year on year. So they pay for your expenses. Give you extra income and support your lifestyle.

“…Veteran investor of 23 years is shocked…”

“After 23 years in the industry, I didn't think I'd learn anything new. But I was shocked at how much I discovered about how markets work on a macro level and how to invest based on this new future. Neil’s videos where he shows how he analyses stocks, sectors & companies are excellent.” Colin M, Surrey, UK

“… Neil just saved me a 7% hit…”

“Neil suggested I sell this type of stock, so I did. Two days later, this brand name stock plummeted 7% in value. I’ve now my fired my broker who was being paid 3-4% in fees.” Dr Kenneth D (Retd), UK

Here’s a couple more things you’ll discover in this new training;

- The “holy trio” of economic prophets. Forget the financial news or media. These give you an accurate (and true) picture of the economy

- What percentage of your portfolio should be in Stocks and Bonds? Check out this ’95 year’ research piece and discover which performs best

- When potential gains in your ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) - are wiped out before you get started. Shocking! 

- Invested in a Mutual Fund? Hidden sneaky fees to be aware of!

- Three clever (and smart) ways to grow your Index Fund faster. Not one in a thousand investors does this...

- Warning. The danger of “celebrity investor” funds. One such popular fund is 80% down as I write to you...

Michael Cowan
5 Million Monthly YouTube Views

"Holy Smokes! This Course Is Incredible!!! Highly Highly Recommended."

J Bravo
3 Million Monthly YouTube Views

"Que The Fire! This Course Is OUTSTANDING... Neil Takes Macroeconomics To A Whole New Level!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Course Cover Trading Strategies?

The course does NOT cover trading, and will not teach you how to become a day trader. This course is focused on teaching you how to become a long term value investor, to build wealth slowly, over the long term by identifying excellent undervalued stocks & assets easily

Should I wait to buy until after the Stock Market Crashes?

Absolutely NOT! By then you could be too late to get the best deals at low prices. The best time to prepare for something is BEFORE it occurs!

When Does The Course Start & Finish?

The course starts now and never ends! You decide when you start and when you finish. New content will even be posted as and when needed to keep the course always up to date for your ultimate success

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own

This course will have new lessons added as and when the economy or market changes. This is to ensure that you don't just watch this course once, but can come back to it time and time again throughout your life...

Who Is This Course For?

Absolute beginners, Intermediate investors and those who would like to see how I do my analysis and find my undervalued stocks

What If The Course Just Isn't For Me?

I would never want you to be unhappy with your investment. So if you're not totally satisfied with your purchase, please contact me as soon as you know the course isn't for you. I will resolve any issues as quickly as possible with you, but if it's clear the course isn't right for your circumstances, I will give you a full refund

Is This Just For The USA & UK/EU?

Absolutely NOT! These principles are universal and can apply to all capitalism based economies. I will demonstrate how to find all the information you need to buy stocks and funds in your Country

Can I ask Neil A Question?

Unlike many financial experts, I'm a very down to earth and grounded guy & I love talking with my students & community members. This is because I didn't grow up rich, and had to figure this all out for myself...

Because I understand how difficult this process is, I take questions via my private community on Patreon. Feel free to reach out to me there where I would be delighted to both connect with you & to answer any questions you may have...

I also have a Discord forum (within the Patreon private community) with a discussion and Q&A thread on the course.

Do I Need to be a Member of the Private Community in order to Keep Lifetime Access?

Absolutely not. As soon as you purchase, you will get lifetime access, regardless if you are in the private community or not.

Can I Gift This Course? (Partner/Child/Friend, etc)

Absolutely! Please register with your own email address initially, then they can then register with their own email address later.

Will I receive a Certificate Of Achievement?

Yes! You will. Your certificate will be unlocked at the completion of your course.

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  • Just send me an email within those 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund...

  • But why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the first 50% of my course at my own risk?

  • Because I know the knowledge in this program can change lives! It’s transformed my own; look at where I came from!

  • And if you take action, it can change your life too...

  • I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

  • FINAL NOTE: You May Watch Up To 50% Of This Course Before Requesting A Refund...

    If You Watch More Than 50% Of This Course -
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